Ramen Noodles Anyone?

I hope everyone is having a good day. I know that my day could be better, but having a business isn’t always easy. Yes, this is my business, but it’s also a dream. A big dream! Bills pile up, but it’s all worth the sacrifice. With no 9-5 I’m barely making ends meet. Ramen noodles anyone?

I decided to offer free samples of my body butter on Facebook and Instagram. I’m trying to acquire new customers, so I want people to “try it before they buy”. Also, the good thing about it is I’ll get feedback.

Now I have about 18 free samples to send out, so I’m going to be a busy gal. Next, on my list is creating new recipes.

Until next time ladies and gents. PeaceāœŒšŸ½


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10 Random Things About Me

Hello Divas and Divos,

My name is Tamika and this is my blog Yummy Body. This is my first blog post ever! Like ever ever! This post will be about 10 Randon Things About Me. Let’s get started:

I have 5 sisters and 5 brothers (my parents stayed busy).
I’m scared of band-aids (weird right).
My favorite color is black.
I hate driving.
I love taking pictures of nature, but I hate camping.
I’ve been natural for 13 years.
I’ve been singing since I was 3 years old and when I was 18 I sang with the Platters (look them up lol).
Root beer is my favoriteĀ pop (soda).
I worked for Walt Disney World.
I create my own earrings 80% of the time.
There you have it, 10 random things about me. Tell me something random about you. I look forward to reading each and every comment.